Inside My Bag


Hi guys!
Wanted to give you a sneak peek at what I carry on a daily basis inside of my”Rhea bucket bag”!!  (Red coming soon)
Of course my card case w/ essential credit cards,ID and cash.
My Givenchy sunglasses, I carry a small devotional for when I’m feeling like a little pick me up, my #Katesomerville de-puffing under eye gel (so great when on the run), my Caudalie face spray! Smells just like a spa and such a nice pick me up especially after the gym.
An extra pony tail holder because I’m always in need of one.
My Brazilian kiss lip balm (amazing).
Extra contact lenses.
Vikkis Vanity clear eye brow gel,always helpful when you are out and those brows are not cooperating.
#Buxom lip gloss in the color sugar,it’s light enough for daytime and great for the evening as well!
And of course my phone (who doesn’t?!?)
Just a little peek at what I carry. What do you guys carry in your bag?
Take a photo and tag @byrheawahlberg

Rhea Wahlberg